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Vehicle Maintenance

iRock Performance offers premium oil change services and maintenance in Pitstone, Bedfordshire.

Our Service Team provides comprehensive Oil & Filters Change Services for all vehicles.

Although we specialize in European makes &  models, we are more than happy to accommodate an oil and filters change as well as any maintenance job on any vehicle type, just give our Service Advisors a heads up to ensure we have the proper original parts on the shelf waiting for you.

In our shop we only utilize the finest of factory approved synthetic motor oils from leading manufactures, such as: Motul , Liqui Moly, Fuchs, Mobil1, and Castrol, that meet or exceed your vehicle’s specified oil requirements. Our technicians will follow all procedures to ensure your Oil Change Service is done right!

Performing regularly scheduled Oil Change Services with high quality engine oil and filters is critical to a long pleasurable ownership experience with your vehicle.

We can also do the following services:

Check and replace any suspension part such as: springs, shock absorbers, bushes, ball joints, steering arms and rods, etc.

Check and replace/top-up brake fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, transmission oil, etc.

Cambelt and timing chain replacements

Spark plugs and coils changing

Brake pads, Brake discs, Handbrake shoes replacements

Vehicle check over

Any vehicle diagnostic services plus the original Icom for BMW and Vag com for Volkswagen Group.

And many more!!!

As well as the other services we offer , you can be sure your car is treated with respect and knowledge and we make sure all the jobs done are performed at a very high standard and in a clean manner. We like to think that we can provide a much more honest and quality service than even the main dealers.