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We offer tyre supply and fitting service for all cars and we also specialise in supercars , performance cars and luxury cars.

We invested in a fully automated , leverless tyre changer which can accommodate any rim up to 26”.

Artiglio Master Jolly touchless tyre changer is a revolutionary approach to fitting tyres , in a market where the wheels become bigger and more expensive year after year it’s a no brainer to use a machine that can do the job safely and clean.

Our team takes great care and pride even in a banal job like fitting a tyre.

You don’t have to worry about scratched rims anymore , we will make sure you have the correct pressure in the tyres and your wheel nuts/bolts are torqued specifically , we will replace your missing dust caps , and even wipe the grease off the tyre (I’m sure you all hate that white marks on a new tyre).

We can supply most of the tyre brands if not in stock, next day and we can also supply specialist tyres such as semi-slicks , slicks , drag racing radials , budget drift tyres , pro competition drift tyres, fast road and track day tyres. We play with cars all day so if you need our advice just give us call or email at office@irockperformance.co.uk