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3D Wheel Alignment

In our opinion having a correct alignment setup on your car is crucial to it’s handling.

Whether you are driving a Volkswagen Golf road car or a fully prep’d track day Porsche GT3 , checking and adjusting your wheels geometry regularly is a must.

We, at iRock Performance take this aspect seriously and have invested in the latest technology to provide our customers with the most accurate readings and geometry set-ups.

The state of the art Hofmann 650xd wheel aligner is approved by all premium car manufacturers including Porsche, Ferrari and McLaren.

Our 4 post ramp is fitted with mobile wheel plates in the front but also in rear , that means the car’s wheels can sit in their “natural” position while vehicle is under its’s own load, without having to move the vehicle forward and backwards.

Our team have a great experience in motorsport and track day car preparation including drift car set-ups (Wisefab , IRP , modified knuckles etc) , and we also offer corner weighing and suspension set-ups.

There are many garages who offer wheel alignment, but very few of them will actually take the time, or have the knowledge to do it properly. We hate to offer a rushed service. We always check the

pressure in the tyres and inspect the condition of the suspension parts (ball joints, bushes, springs etc) before undertaking any alignment job.

If you care about your car , look no further , you came in the right place !